Create QR Codes Using the Google Chart API

For some of you this might be old news, but I wanted to create a QR Code for a poster presentation for an upcoming ecology conference (since all the cool people are using QR Codes these days). In searching for a way to generate one, I learned that you can easily create a QR Code using the Google Chart API.

To create a QR Code, simply enter the following URL into your web browser’s address bar:×200&chl=
(but don’t press enter yet, see the next step)

Before pressing enter, complete the API command by entering the URL of the location you want to generate a QR Code for after the chl property and equal sign (chl=) at the end of the link above.

For example, the complete API command you would enter into your web browser’s address bar to generate a QR Code for a link to this blog would be:×300&chl=http//

This creates a 300 x 300 pixel QR Code. To generate different sizes, simply modify the chart size property (chs) to a different pixel size. For instance if I wanted to generate a larger version of the same QR Code above, I could enter:×500&chl=http//

Happy QR Coding.