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Course Website Updates:

I uploaded the Quiz 4 Study Guide

* I created a new and revised Online Class Schedule page – link in the main menu
* I removed old schedule from the website
*The new online class Schedule contains links to all lecture handouts
* The old lecture handouts page has been removed

I uploaded a revised class schedule Revised Class Schedule, which is available on the home page

I also uploaded a PDF of the chapter on Geocoding (mgis_6th_ed_geocoding) that is not in the current edition of your textbook. This is the reading for class on Monday 03/06/2017

I created a new page to hold Quiz Study Guides and added a link to that page in the main menu on the course home page. I also uploaded the quiz-2-study-guide.

Updated the Lab Activities page to provide more specific instructions on how to resume Web Course labs versus Web Lesson labs on the esri website.

There was an error in the grading criteria on the original syllabus. I have uploaded a revised version (gis130_syllabus_spring_2017e) with corrected grading criteria. I will explain the change in class.

I added a link on the Videos page to the Top 20 most inspiring TED videos involving maps and geography.

The main page was getting too long, so I split the content of that page into 4 linked pages. Please see the main menu on the home page to link to the relevant content.

I created this update page to archive notes from previous updates. The box on the main page will contain only the most recent update to the site.

Added Case Study Video on Walgreens on the videos page.

I’ve requested DVDs that contain a trial version of the ArcGIS Desktop software you can use outside of class if desired.

If you need to work on labs or your project outside of class time, PS111 has three Dell desktop computers with ArcGIS on them that you can use when the room is open. Please check the room schedule which is posted next to the PS111 room door.

Also, If will have regular office hours in PS111 roughly one hour before each class.


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