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Resuming Your Labs

Labs 1 and 3:
Once you have started Lab 1 or 3 on the esri learning site, you will not be able to re-launch that Web course because the esri site thinks you are trying to start a course you are already taking. So, click the link below, login to the esri learning site and scroll down the page to find the name of the Web course you want to resume. Then click the “Resume Course” button  to open the course to where you left off.

Labs 2, 4, and 5:
These labs are online lessons, so they are not tracked like Web courses. To resume work on these online lessons, simply click the lab link below to go to the lesson home page. Login with your esri account and then click the “Launch Lesson” button to relaunch the lesson. On the page that opens, find the module on the left side menu where you left off the last time and click on the module title to go to that portion off the lesson where you left off from your previous session.*  You may have to load the ArcMap document you were working with when you left off.

* Be sure to keep track of which module and step you left off in the lesson as you progress through the modules.

Course Labs:

Lab 1
Web Course Link: Getting Started with GIS
Due: Mon Feb 13
Turn in Certificate of Completion PDF

Lab 2
Lab Instructions: Lab Instructions (pdf)
Web Lesson Link –  Getting Started with ArcMap
Due: Mon Mar 8
Turn in PDF of Map and DBF Attribute table (See Lab instructions document for info)

Lab 3
Web Course Link: Editing in ArcGIS Desktop
Lab Instructions: Lab Instructions (pdf)
Due: Mon March 27
Turn in Certificate of Completion AND a PDF Map of the Millers Ranch Subdivision

Lab 4
Web Lesson Link: Bridging the Breast Cancer Divide

Lab 5
esri Web Lesson Link: Homeless in the Badlands

Lab 6
Summary Lab (To Be Determined)

Web Courses are self-guided online short courses that end with a short test and provide a certificate of completion when you’ve passed the test.

Web Lessons are long labs in which you complete multiple self-guided modules to develop an analysis and complete a map.


Viewing Course Completion Certificates

Web Courses award Certificates of Completion. Once you have completed a Web Course, you can download a certificate of completion by clicking the link below. Then login to the esri learning site and scroll down the page to find the name of the course you want to resume. Then click the “View Certificate” button. Your certificate will be displayed as a PDF file that you can download. Keep this in your files for your portfolio and also submit the certificate to me for your Lab grade.


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